prayer to lose weight

Dear God,

I come before you with a humble heart, seeking your guidance and strength on my journey to a healthier life. You know the struggles I face with my weight, and you understand the desire within me to change.

Lord, I acknowledge that my body is a temple, a sacred vessel that you have entrusted to me. I ask for your forgiveness for the times I have neglected its care and abused it with unhealthy habits.

Please grant me the wisdom to make wise choices about what I eat and how I nourish my body. Help me to find joy in physical activity and to treat my body with the respect and kindness it deserves.

As I embark on this journey to lose weight, I ask for your grace to sustain me through the challenges ahead. Give me the strength to resist temptation and to persevere when the road seems long and difficult.

Lord, I surrender my fears and doubts to you, knowing that with you, all things are possible. Help me to trust in your plan for my life and to believe in my ability to achieve my goals.

Fill me with your peace and your presence, and remind me that I am not alone on this journey. Surround me with supportive friends and family who will encourage me and lift me up when I am feeling discouraged.

Above all, help me to remember that my worth is not determined by the number on the scale, but by the love and grace you have bestowed upon me.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer and for walking beside me every step of the way. In your holy name, I prayer,


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